Elizabeth Pampalone - Branding

When Julie asked me to write a guest blog post, I thought, “What could I possibly write about for a Photography Blog?” BRANDING, Duh. The photos Julie took of me in 2016 have become some of the most well known in Jacksonville. They are plastered everywhere and on everything! I decided to wear a green dress to my photoshoot. It was not my favorite color, but one of the few dresses I could find that looked good and fit me well at the time.

When I arrived, I had 2 green items in my bag, one black, and one white. Once the photos were done and I started to see the impact of the green dress, I decided, right then and there to change my branding to incorporate these awesome photos. They are still the main photos I use in my marketing today, 3 years later.

I tell this story to illustrate how important a photo can be to a brand. Not only can a name make or break a company, but so can the visual part of the brand. When people see my card, they say things like “I’ve seen this before.” “Oh didn’t you do a talk at such and such? I saw this photo on their Facebook page.” This means it’s working… and it’s kinda the best feeling! 😀


So if you have read this far, you know that I am the worlds biggest advocate for branding. You know that a good brand is Paramount to a thriving business. Ask yourself, what kind of impression are you leaving now? How do others perceive your company? Is it the way you want to be seen and remembered?

As a business owner who runs the day to day with a small team, I understand it can be overwhelming with all that needs to be done to keep a company going. I can say that it was such a relief to meet with Julie and let her and her team help me sort through all the ideas in my head and get to a really clean and simple branding imagery that just made sense. I tell my client’s all the time, but its true, You are not the expert in it ALL. Let an expert team come alongside you and give you the boost you need to not only make better decisions but show up more professionally in your industry.

In the last year, I have taken to heart this very struggle for small business owners. I have seen the impact of not having a great brand, great photos and an amazing website that ties it all together. When these things are not in place, It can break a business to the point of extinction. I decided (after my second session with Julie) that I would try a new approach to my industry. “IN A DAY”. Getting business owners to take ONE DAY for themselves and their businesses to just get S#*t done! No more bandying back and forth via email over which font you like for a logo or asking 50 million times for that bio and headshot when the client is dealing with a sick child. Just me, you, a quiet conference room and 8 hours of pure brainstorming and work time. It is elegant, simple and productive. One Project, One Day, DONE. Just in case you have the mindset “This won’t work for my industry because {insert excuse here}” it’s simply not true. I have worked with so many indstries and professionals using this very formula. I have yet to come across one where it didn’t work. (Don’t believe me, check out my video testimonials! LOL)

That being said, Everyone can benefit from a professional headshot and branding session. It is often the missing item in most business branding projects. So, book your session with Julie. Tell her I sent ya! 😀